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Our Work

Here are some examples of our work and how we've helped our clients

Phast Media Nigel Kellow

Dr Nigel Kellow

We were asked to redesign Dr Nigel Kellow's main website, and to create a new website for his Medicolegal expertise

Both sites needed a similar design to give them a unified look and both needed a clean, modern and fresh look. 

Phast Media Vinod Menon

Mr Vinod Menon

A clean sheet design for Mr Menon ( as he had never had a personal website to promote his private practice.

We produced the website, arranged for photography at his local private hospital and wrote the majority of the website content.  

Phast Media Breast Cancer Hope

Breast Cancer Hope is a London based breast cancer charity. As with most charities their focus was on their research rather than their website and as a result it was very dated and didn’t present what the charity did or stand for particularly well.

A simple design was produced to give easy access to key information about the charity, its fundraising and the research projects it’s involved with.

We also developed a new brand for the charity and wrote the consumer advice content for the site.  

Phast Media Breast Cancer Hope

Breast Specialist is the personal website for leading consultant oncologist Professor Kefah Mokbel.

The Breast Specialist website is designed to be a valuable resource for patients with breast cancer or for people with concerns about the disease.
The website has a wealth of high quality information for patients It was important that this was easy to understand and access.

We also produced a new logo and brand identity for the Breast Specialist website.    

Phast Media British Varicose Veins

British Varicose Vein Centre

The old British Varicose Vein Centre website had some great content but was a very dated design.

In addition to redeveloping the website to provide a more dynamic platform from which to promote the practice, we also produced a new logo and brand identity for the practice and wrote content for the treatment/condition/service pages.

The site has a nice cross-linking function so that related treatment, condition and patient story information is all linked together based on related condition.  

Phast Media Joseph Aquilina

The London Gynaecologist - Joseph Aquilina

Mr Aquilina’s website was typical of many consultant websites. It had been developed on a very old unresponsive platform, had been left dormant for years and didn’t present Mr Aquilina very well to potential patients.

As well as developing the new website that would engage more effectively with patients we also designed a new logo, wrote the patient advice content and conducted interviews with Mr Aquilina’s past patients to write detailed treatment case studies.  

Phast Media John C Stevenson

John C Stevenson

Due to circumstances outside Mr Stevenson’s control his old site was offline and the old domain was no longer available, so this project was a fresh start utilising some old content from the previous website but essentially starting from scratch.

We sourced a new domain ( and developed a very simple but straight forward layout to present the treatments and services Mr Stevenson offers to patients.  

Phast Media Srinivas Samsani

Mr Srinivas Samsani

The personal site we developed for Mr Samsani was a bit of a monster. The consultant had loads of great patient information content but his existing website made the information quite difficult to find.

We re-ordered and refined the content and developed a simple sub-page navigation to help visitors access the information that is relevant to them.  

Phast Media RJB Motorcycles

RJB Motorcycles

RJB Motorcycles are a new business and were running everything from their facebook page. 

Stuart was there getting some new tyres fitted to his motorbike and got chatting. Next thing we know we building a website for RJB Motorcycles. 

Clean, informative and one scrolling page with a facebook section means that RJB Motorcycles now have a website to be proud of.


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